Qios.co: The $100 Weekend Startup [ENG]

"I ain't play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards. I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars." - Kanye West

There's a certain, almost guilt-like feeling in seeing something you wished for unravel. A "this is too good" satisfaction that can only be neutralized by taking the moment in, and then wanting more of it. Don Draper said "Happiness is a moment before you need more Happiness." Ambition is an illness, success is the drug, and the two combined make for a very dangerous, very powerful recipe for depression. Depression when you -don't- have success. When you can't properly counter your ambition. You can visualize your dreams and talk about them all you want, but unless you set out and make it happen: you're gonna have a bad time.

A few weeks ago, I started hinting at, and eventually talked about, the fact that I am going to --not want to, start a business in August. For real this time, as it were. You see, I've been flirting with fortune for too long, and it's time I wrangled that bitch and made her mine. Sorry about the raunchiness. But it's true. Like I mentioned in that post, I've tried to, and repeatedly failed at, starting different businesses and concepts, barely lifting them off the paper they were conceptualized in. So I decided to finally harness all of my best assets and focus them on a single goal: Qios


Short for Qios.co, Qios is exactly what it sounds like: a digital kiosk for small and medium businesses. A home away from the brick and the mortar. A space where businesses can find comfort in, with a focus on beautiful design that will not sacrifice engagement. With an emphasis on mobile consumption, Qios will be conceived as a mobile-first web application that will allow for quick glances and high activity, wherever the user is. Being mobile-first, however, does not mean that Desktop design will be neglected: the design will translate brilliantly to desktop browsers. There will not be a single platform that Qios will not be on, as a result. The twist here is that Qios, beyond a digital hub, also serves as an advertising and marketing network, one that will be in the hands, though not requiring any unnecessary efforts, of business owners. Qios will be the first advertising platform that businesses can call theirs. What that means will be revealed by next Friday. Trust me, it's an interesting one. Hint: It's the business model, and one that will actually interest the end user of the Qios product. Hint 2: It's the fastest growing area in a certain industry.

I'm still hard at work in figuring out the exact details and components that will make this idea come to life, but I'm focused on having it all figured out by next Wednesday (August 7). I intend on having -no- last minute decisions, come Saturday, August 10. Soon as I wake up that day, it will be a one way road to completion. Of course, (hopefully)without going over my $100 budget

As mentioned, this is not only something I'm extremely passionate about, it's also somewhat of a personal challenge. But in the end, my true goal is to jumpstart Puerto Rico's commerce and entrepreneurship, beginning with Qios, and then seeing where I can go from there.

While I don't ask for stuff, usually, I can make an exception in this case: I ask for your support. Share the links, follow the Qios Social Media Profiles for round-the-clock updates on the Weekend Startup challenge. There may be something in the end for you guys and gals in the end, come Monday. Just saying... Okay.

You can follow Qios at:

FB: Qios App
Inst: QiosApp
Vine: QiosApp (no web version, yet)

AND the hashtags to follow, if you prefer, are #QiosBuild and/or #48100. I'll make sure to tag each post with the appropriate tags so you won't miss a thing. 

Of course, you can follow me at the links at the end of this post, if you prefer. I won't judge... much.

If you're still here, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you're awesome. Next week, expect a couple of posts here and in the social networks regarding specific details and motivations behind Qios.Co.

AAAAND that's it. Woo. This was intense.



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